Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Marks and Spencers Food Hall - opening

Marks & Spencers have announced that the new Food Hall at Weston Lock Retail Park is set to open at 10am on Wednesday June 15th.

This will give the area even more choice of where to shop without the need to travel into the centre of the city.

The store will also have a small cafe seating 24 people.

The store will be open Monday – Saturday from 8am to 8pm and 10.30am – 4.30pm on Sundays.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Campaign to tackle gull problem

Bath & North East Somerset Council plans to work with two universities on an 18-month research project into gull behaviour. Behavioural ecology and psychology students from the University of the West of England and Middlesex University will map and track the behaviour of the gulls as they interact with their food sources and nesting sites.

Alongside this, the Council has also earmarked £60,000 to trial a series of measures to deter the gull population from settling in the city. This includes free roof treatments, including the removal of nests to affected properties in designated areas where evidence confirms large, or increasing, numbers of breeding pairs.  This is part of the Council’s co-ordinated approach to the gull problem – which also includes reducing access to food sources, and communicating the importance of keeping the streets clear of litter and waste and not feeding the gulls.

“It is, of course, welcome that the Council is taking the problem of urban gulls seriously. The Liberal Democrat administration worked hard over the previous four years to introduce various innovations to discourage urban gulls. These contributed to slowing the growth of gull populations, and it is reassuring to note that the new administration is planning to continue with many of our measures.”
“However, it is ridiculous if B&NES Council has been forced to go it alone and independently set up a research partnership on the life cycle of the urban gull, after the Conservative government cancelled the £250,000 package of funding into just this issue. The Lib Dems fought for years for the government funded project, which was dropped as one of the first actions of the incoming Conservative government. It is to be hoped that a research project on this local scale will produce useful results.”

Monday, 25 January 2016

Former Herman Miller building Lower Bristol Road

We have been pressing the council hard to get the opposite end of the Herman Miller Building from Lidl developed.

So far planning permission has not been granted for this part of the building due to several hurdles that needed to be resolved, these included a shopping impact assessment that we understand is now completed and being assessed.

Our understanding is that it seems close to a decision being made on this site that may give the go ahead for the final stages of development.

Local residents have been constantly telling us that they are fed up with this building not being completed and we are hopeful that this will soon be resolved.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Coronation Ave closure & bus diversions

First bus have announced that during upcoming works on Coronation Ave they will be diverting the number 10 bus for duration of the works.
The statement from First is below
Coronation Avenue is sceduled for a 24/7 closure from Monday 25th January to Friday 5th February.
Whilst the closure is in place service 10 will divert from Claude Avenue via Lymore Avenue, Southdown Road, Mount Road, Englishcombe Lane, Southdown Road, Lymore Avenue and Claude Avenue
All stops on the diversion route will be available for use upon request.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Recycling update

Yesterdays blog gave an incorrect date in should have read Tuesday 19th January,

Sorry for any confusion.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bath Press planning application

The planning application for the redevelopment of the Former Bath Press sire into 244 dwellings and new office space was approved at the development control committee this afternoon with 9 voting in favour and one abstaining.

Liberal Democrat Councillors on the committee have called for restrictions on any residents on this site being able to park in local streets. Councillors also warned that any new 4 bed homes on site must remain as family homes and should not be allowed to be converted into HMO's.

Comments from Conservative councillors is that this site has been a headache for along time but this is a good scheme.

Local residents will at last know what is happening on this site and we hope that the conditions that apply to this site will improve living conditions for residents.

Recycling collections fail again

For those Tuesday recycling collections that were not picked up this week will now not be collected until next Tuesday 19th January and residents are asked to take it back in.

We have been onto the council complaining about the amount of mess that is lying on the streets after previous failed collections due to industrial action by staff working for the councils contractor.

With industrial action in an all out strike this Thursday and Friday we are concerned that this situation could only get worse.

The council have a responsibility to residents to ensure that all residual waste is collected each week and that our streets are clean, so far this current council administration has failed to keep to this.

We await with baited breath in the hope that they will improve.